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Meet the team


Elizabeth Plumb ...investigator

8 years of paranormal investigation experience.
ever since my childhood I’ve always had an interest in the afterlife and the paranormal, it wasn’t until my 20's when I encountered my first paranormal experience which then increased my interest and wanting to learn and experience more about this realm.
since actually going out to pursue my interest my knowledge
has hugely expanded and have learned so much on this subject.. from the different types of hauntings to setting tests in which to capture evidence of the existence of the afterlife.

Stephen Kirkham ..investigator
I remember when I was 10 years old, I was playing in my bedroom when i saw
a shadow figure walk past my bedroom. I was in shock and couldn't believe my eyes
what I had just witnessed.
ever since that time I knew there was more to this life than I knew about, since that day I have an open mind and now that I’m older I’m searching for proof of the afterlife.
our bodies are just a shell and our energy / soul will carry on.
now I’m on the search of proof to help spirit move on or to pass a message on if they need to be heard.


I am Father Steven and im the resident specialist on Exorcism and house blessing. I have 30 years of training from the Priesthood and I am a Benedictine Exorcist. I have to date done a number of house blessings and 4 Exorcisms I have a wealth of knowledge on the paranormal and also demonology. I here to assist and help all those in need. I also make sure that when we undertake any investigations that we are well protected through a process of prayer
Father Steven
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