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Hello and welcome to Leicester Ghost Hunters.
We are a team of dedicated Paranormal investigators who use all the latest technology to conduct our investigations.
We come from all walks of life but give our time freely
so that we can help all those who seek our help.
Over the course of our experience we have also learned the different types of hauntings
that exist from stone tape theory to full on demonic.
We also work alongside other members in the field who may also be of assistance with any other service which could be offered... but please be aware charges may be made at their discretion.
Leicester Ghost hunters grew up from like minded people who have an interest in this field and has become the group that exists today.
As well as the investigation team we also have
an on-call priest/exorcist who is able to perform both house blessings
and where needed an exorcism.
Please see the relevant page for that service.

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