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About us
We are a team of dedicated investigators from
All walks of life. We have mediums who assist us with making contact with the deceased, we have our researchers who do the background research for our investigations. Then we have our team of experienced investigators who carry out our investigations. We also have an Exorcist Priest who is both part of the team but is also with to help protect us.
What we do can sometimes be very dangerous so we take all the precautions that we can before our investigation. We say prayers of protection to keep us safe during our investigation as you can never be to sure of what the entity is.
We use the latest equipment on our investigations and examine the area that we investigate so that we can rule out any other possible explanation or reason.

We currently cover the whole of Leicestershire, but we will travel to other areas
in the U.K.
We may sometimes ask for a small donation to cover fuel costs and so that
we can reach other people.
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